Diversity makes our job interesting. That is why we are open to customers from all sectors and experienced in gaining knowledge about new topics and special areas of technology. To our customers we count

  • non-profit-organisations & associations, public institutions, and the welfare sector,
  • companies from the sectors of architecture, engineering, real estate & law firms, and
  • companies from the sectors of construction, craft & industry (metal & electronics).

We are also pleased to support you if there are events, places of business or partner organisations abroad you need help for. We already oversaw the IT-management for exciting projects offering on site support in

  • Greece, Italy, China, Canada, England, Russia, Brasilia, South Korea, Belgium, and Sweden,
  • amongst which was also the cooperation with Paralympic Summer and Winter Games management team,
  • as well as the IT support for exclusive events of the Royal Palaces in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Stockholm.